Neck Injury

Neck injuries are often sustained in motorcycle accidents. The limited range of motion caused by neck injuries can be life altering. Patients may require lifelong pain management programs and costly therapy sessions to combat the effects of neck injuries. Neck injury lawyers may provide patients with advice and assistance for recovering these costs if the accident was caused by the negligence or misconduct of another person.

Neck Injury Types

Motorcycle accidents can cause damage to the bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves, or muscles of the neck. This damage can be permanent and lasting, and can inhibit a patient’s ability to control head and neck movements and even hold their head up. Patients may also experience swelling and bruising that can affect breathing. Due to nerve connections, patients may experience pain not just in the neck but in the jaw, ears, back, arms, hands, and fingers in some cases.

Neck Injury Impact

Due to the pain and mobility restrictions of neck injuries, patients may not be able to work or participate in hobbies and activities. If neck injuries cause permanent disabilities, patients may need to rely on others to help with grooming needs and daily tasks. This dependence can cause patients emotional distress that requires additional treatment.

Treatments and Therapy

Treatment for neck injuries often involves a combination of drug therapy, physical therapy, and relaxation techniques. Drugs may help to reduce swelling which can assist with range of motion. Drugs may also be given to help combat the pain of neck injuries. Physical therapy may help patients to regain some range of motion, as well as prevent dangerous muscle atrophy and tendon shrinkage. Relaxation techniques and massages can help patients rest strained muscles, especially following therapy sessions.


Most neck injuries do not require surgery, but surgery may be necessary if other treatments are unsuccessful. Surgery is typically only done in cases where there is spinal cord compression or herniated discs. Surgeries on the neck may be risky and can further limit range of motion, in some cases.

Emotional Therapy

Emotional distress can cause patients to clench up in the area of the shoulders, which can further aggravate neck injuries. Emotional therapy may help patients to eliminate some of this harmful stress and work through the emotional trauma of surviving and being disabled by a motorcycle accident. A neck injury lawyer may be able to help patients include the cost of emotional therapy when seeking compensation.

Neck Injury Lawyer

A neck injury lawyer understands the profound impact that neck injuries can have on a patient’s life. Neck injury lawyers are experienced with the different types of neck injuries, and can help patients gather medical records, accident information, and expert testimony if necessary to prove neck injury claims. Neck injury lawyers may help patients recover damages for pain and suffering as well as medical and emotional therapy costs.