Paralysis Attorney

Motorcycle accidents nearly always result in injuries to the motorcyclist. Many of these injuries are severe and may cause brain trauma, paralysis, and even death. A majority of motorcycle accidents involving another vehicle are caused by the other driver. Paralysis attorneys may be able to assist victims that have been paralyzed as a result of a motorcycle accident in recovering compensation for medical costs and other damages.

Paralysis Attorney Assistance

A paralysis attorney has experience with paralysis injury cases and can assist victims in proving that injuries were caused by the negligence of another. Paralysis attorneys will advise victims on the information that will be most helpful to the case. This may include accident reports, medical reports, witness testimony, and expert testimony. If the accident was caused by faulty equipment on the motorcycle or other vehicle, a paralysis attorney may be able to assist with gathering information about the specific mechanism failure.

Paralysis attorneys may also be helpful in finding qualified experts to testify on the victim’s behalf.
Motorcyclists are often blamed for accidents based on the perception that motorcyclists are reckless. A skilled attorney will help to provide evidence that will display how the accident was truly caused.

Motorcycle Paralysis Injuries

Motorcycle injuries that may cause paralysis include traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Traumatic brain injuries may cause paralysis in different areas of the body depending on the area of the brain that was injured and the extent of the damage. Brain injuries may also affect cognitive functions to varying degrees. In some cases, the family of the victim may seek legal recourse if the victim has been incapacitated. Paralysis attorneys may be invaluable to family members that are unsure of what steps to take following a motorcycle accident that has caused paralysis.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Injuries to the spinal cord are typically classified as either complete or incomplete. Complete spinal injuries affect nerves below the point of injury so that both sensory and motor functions are disabled. Incomplete spinal injuries may have varying effects on the sensory and motor function below the point of injury and may result in paralysis to one or more limbs or body areas.

Recovering Compensation

Paralysis injuries have a severe impact on a victim’s life. Victims usually lose employment and must cover medical costs associated with the injuries. Future medical expenses, alone, can total millions of dollars. A Sports and activities that were previously enjoyed may be impossible for patients to participate in following a paralysis injury. A paralysis attorney can help patients recover costs for these expenses and lost wages, and may also be able to help recover costs for pain and suffering.