Accident Disability

Motorcycles are a cost effective and adventurous mode of transportation. Roughly four million motorcycles are registered in America today. However, motorcycles provide very little protection for riders, so approximately eighty percent of motorcycle accidents result in serious injury. In many cases, injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident cause permanent disability. In some states, disability insurance may be available for those that have been permanently injured from a motorcycle accident.

Prevent Permanent Disability

Anyone that has been involved in a motorcycle accident should seek immediate attention. A motorcycle accident causes trauma that may put the body into a state of shock, delaying the pain of injuries. Many injuries do not become apparent until hours, days, or sometimes weeks after an accident. Brain trauma is very common following motorcycle accidents, and can only be diagnosed by a physician. If brain trauma has occurred, immediate action is critical to prevent disabling loss of brain functions.

Nearly all motorcycle accidents cause some form of injury, whether that be fractures, road rash, or internal injuries. No matter how slight the injury may seem, medical treatment can help to avoid effects that may cause permanent disability after a motorcycle accident. Seeking medical treatment after a motorcycle accident will also help to keep documentation of the accident, which will prove beneficial while filing for disability insurance.

Filing for Disability Insurance

If a motorcycle accident has caused injuries that will keep a patient from working, steps must be taken to ensure eligibility for social security or disability insurance. The first step is to record any information about the accident as soon afterward as possible. Details may be important later that are difficult to remember, so having all pertinent details in writing can make the filing process much easier. Next, an application for disability or social security must be filed. This can usually be done at the Social Security office, through the mail, or online.

Denied Disability Insurance

Since the volume of disability and social security claims is so high, there is a high rate of denial, approximately sixty percent of all claims are denied at the initial stage. If a disability claim after a motorcycle accident is denied, there are appeals processes that can be filed to try again. Seeking the help of an attorney is in the best interest of many that may be eligible for disability after a motorcycle accident. A disability attorney can help to ensure that all paperwork is filled out correctly, that all deadlines are met, and can provide representation. Hiring a disability attorney can make a huge difference in being awarded disability benefits after a motorcycle accident has caused permanent damage.


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