Bike Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents nearly always result in injuries to the driver and passengers because of the exposed nature of riding a bike. Even low-speed bike accidents can cause a rider to hit the ground and sustain serious injuries or even die. More than half of bike accidents that involve another vehicle are determined to be caused by the other vehicle. Bike accident lawyers may be able to provide advice and assistance for those that have sustained injuries or the family members of those that have been killed or critically injured.

Bike Accident Lawyer Assistance

A bike accident lawyer is someone that has extensive experience with motorcycles and cases stemming from bike accidents. Bike accident lawyers are familiar with many different types of motorcycles and the injuries that may be sustained when these bikes are involved in a crash. Whether a crash was caused by faulty equipment on the motorcycle or the negligence of another driver, a bike accident attorney’s expertise can be invaluable to victims.

Bike Accident Compensation

The case against a person or entity that has caused a motorcycle accident is a type of personal injury case. Like any personal injury case, compensation may vary widely from state to state and based on case details. Even very similar bike accidents may result in different amounts of compensation based on the victim’s injuries, prescribed treatment, and success of recovery.

Factors that are taken into consideration when determining bike accident compensation include:

  • Medical expenses, both past and future
  • Lost wages and future earning capacity as affected by the accident
  • Pain, suffering, disfigurement, and disability, both past and future

Cause of Bike Accident

The cause of a bike accident also has a huge impact on the amount of compensation that a victim will receive. In some states, fault is determined as a percentage if more than one vehicle is involved. This percentage is used in combination with other considerations to figure out the amount due to the plaintiff. A bike accident attorney will help plaintiffs compile the necessary evidence to prove fault, such as accident reports, witness testimony, and expert testimony.

To determine fault, factors such as the following may be considered:

  • Whether alcohol was consumed by either party
  • Whether laws were broken regarding helmets and safety equipment
  • Speed of each vehicle in regards to road conditions
  • Reckless actions completed by either party
  • Previous traffic violations by either party

Mechanical Failure

If faulty equipment or manufacturing defects lie at the heart of the accident, it may help to investigate the particular model of the bike or the part that is deemed faulty. Bike accident lawyers are equipped to launch this type of investigation, and may have access to information that would be more difficult for the plaintiff to obtain. Bike accident lawyers may also be able to find other claimants that have encountered the same defects. At the least, this can be helpful in proving that the mechanical failure was not caused by poor maintenance on the part of the vehicle owner.




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