Severe Injury Recovery

A motorcycle accident can cause years of pain and problems. Anyone that has been involved in a motorcycle accident should request medical treatment immediately. Immediate medical treatment can make recovery possible for those that would otherwise be living with a permanently disabling injury. Some injuries may not be felt or noticed immediately. This is especially true of motorcycle injuries, as the shock of the trauma to the body may delay reactions and pain sensations. Medical technicians will know what kind of trauma, damage, and injuries to look for and may be able to prevent permanent damage by acting quickly.

Recovery after Motorcycle Accident

For those that had been severely injured in a motorcycle accident, recovery may take years of therapy and thousands of dollars. While in recovery, patients may miss time from work, and be further affected financially. Both the financial and physical limitations that result from a severe motorcycle injury can be devastating.

Temporary & Permanent Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcycle accidents cause many different types of injuries. Some of these injuries may be superficial, and may heal quickly. Other injuries may be longer lasting, and may take time and effort to recover from. Some injuries may never heal completely, and recovery may be a matter of learning to live with the injury and complete daily tasks with a new challenge.

Severe motorcycle accident injuries frequently include:

  • Broken bones
  • Road rash
  • Spine injury
  • Brain or head injury
  • Internal injuries
  • Nerve damage

All injuries are painful and take time to recover from. Injuries to the spine or brain may cause lack of function in certain areas of the body, which can cause everything about a patient’s life to change. Depending on others to complete daily tasks and having to restructure ones home and methods of transportation can be overwhelming and can add psychological effects to recover from in addition to the injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident.

Financial Damages

The financial burden of recovery from a motorcycle accident can be every bit as taxing as the physical recovery process, and can have psychological and emotional effects as well. In most cases, physical recovery from a motorcycle accident requires medical assistance, and this can get expensive. Some combination of prescription drugs, surgeries, and physical therapy are often required to properly recover from a severe motorcycle injury. This adds to monthly costs, while the physical disabilities often make it impossible for the patient to work. If waiting for disability awards to be approved, this can be a very trying financial time.

Severe Injury Compensation

If a patient is injured in a motorcycle accident, it may be the responsibility of the driver at fault to pay for medical bills and lost wages. An attorney can advise on the best way to receive compensation for costs associated with recovering from a severe motorcycle injury. An attorney can also provide representation if the case is taken to court.


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