Motorcycle Parts

It is important for motorcyclists to be familiar with motorcycle parts. Motorcycle parts knowledge should include how and why each part functions, how to select appropriate motorcycle parts for each rider’s motorcycle and riding purpose, and how to maintain and replace parts when necessary. Understanding individual motorcycle parts and their purpose can help riders to better understand their motorcycle as a whole.

Importance of Motorcycle Parts

In order to have a well-functioning motorcycle, all motorcycle parts should be in good shape and working condition. The nature of riding a motorcycle leaves riders virtually unprotected in the event of an emergency. Quality motorcycle parts that suit the rider and the motorcycle can be an important element in preventing motorcycle accidents, injury, or death.

Federal and state motorcycle laws may be in place to regulate placement and performance of certain types of motorcycle parts, such as mirrors and brake systems. However, a myriad of motorcycle parts are available to riders. Riders can make a number of upgrades, changes, or adjustments to existing parts. When altering or adding to original motorcycle parts, owners should consider safety as well.

Maintaining Motorcycle Parts

It is crucial that owners maintain their motorcycle parts. Certain motorcycle parts should be regularly maintained based on time or mileage traveled. While it is not required in all states, regular inspections should be performed to ensure that all motorcycle parts are in working order.

Basic motorcycle parts maintenance should include:

  • Checking tire pressure using an air pressure gauge, as well as inspecting for wear, cracks, and scrapes on the surfaces
  • Cleaning and lubricating the chain at least every 600 miles traveled
  • Bleeding the brakes at least every two years
  • Checking brake lights, headlights, low and high beams, and turn signals before each ride
  • Checking the battery and cables for loose connections and corrosion
  • Checking and replacing air, oil, and fuel filters when necessary

Aftermarket vs. OEM Motorcycle Parts

When looking to replace motorcycle parts, many owners debate between purchasing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket motorcycle parts. OEM motorcycle parts are the exact parts used by the company that originally manufactured the motorcycle. Aftermarket motorcycle parts are branded and labeled by any company that did not manufacture the motorcycle.

Contrary to popular belief, aftermarket motorcycle parts are not necessarily lower in quality than OEM motorcycle parts. While lower quality is a possibility, aftermarket motorcycle parts may also be higher in quality. Before purchasing new motorcycle parts, the owner should take several elements into consideration. These elements include desired motorcycle performance, reviews from other motorcycle part users, and cost.
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