Motorcycle Falls

Falling off the motorcycle is a major concern among bikers. Motorcycle falls can happen to any rider, and there are a wide range of injuries that can occur from motorcycle falls. Even if the motorcyclist falls at a low speed, there is still a risk of moderate to severe injury to the hands or arms from bracing for impact.

At high speeds, motorcycle falls can become a life-threatening ordeal, especially when involved with an automobile. The list of possible injuries includes brain trauma, broken bones, and skin abrasion. Skin abrasion from motorcycle falls is colloquially referred to as road rash. These injuries are often severe, painful, possibly debilitating, and even deadly. Many individuals are not inclined towards becoming motorcyclists because of these risks.

Motorcycle Fall Precautions

There is no good way to fall from a motorcycle, but there is advice to help prepare motorcyclists for the possibility. First and most importantly would be to wear a helmet with a face shield. If a motorcycle fall cannot be prevented, the next best thing is to be protected from some of the injuries. Wearing a helmet that covers the entirety of the rider’s head helps to prevent brain trauma and damage that can be caused to the jaw, teeth, and chin. These are critical areas, so it is advised to take precaution.

Protective Clothing

Protective clothing can be helpful in an accident. During many motorcycle falls, the motorcyclist will end up sliding along the pavement. Some clothes that offer better protection are boots, leather jackets, jeans, and chaps. While these are not injury proof, they are more appealing than severe abrasions that are possible from motorcycle falls.

Handling Motorcycle Falls

If a person experiences a motorcycle fall, they will only have a few moments to react to the situation. Simply trying to avoid motorcycle falls cannot be effective since there are too many variables that can contribute to the incidence. For example, 75 percent of motorcycle falls and accidents are caused by other drivers. So safe driving aside, the best way to handle motorcycle falls is by being mentally prepared for it. Anticipation alone might be a good way to ensure a quick reaction to the situation.

During motorcycle falls or other motorcycle accidents, it is advised to attempt to slide out under the motorcycle. This avoids tumbling and rolling which can cause injuries like broken legs, broken arms, and back injuries. Also, if the motorcyclist is not wearing a helmet they should use their arms to try and shield their head.


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