Disfigurement Lawyer

Serious burns and lacerations from a motorcycle accident can cause disfigurement. Even in less severe motorcycle accidents in which the rider is wearing a helmet, facial disfigurement can occur if the rider’s face is exposed or if the part of the helmet that protects the face becomes damaged. Disfigurement is often life-altering for patients and can cause serious psychological trauma in addition to physical pain. Disfigurement lawyers may be able to help patients recover the costs associated with emotional counseling as well as surgeries and medical costs.

Effects of Disfigurement

Disfigurements of the face may affect the patient’s ability to eat, breathe, see, smell, and talk. Patients may have pain or difficulty when doing these things. Disfigurement of the lips, nose, or mouth may cause voice alterations and make it difficult for patients to say certain words. Disfigurements to the eye area may affect patient’s vision. These difficulties may also incur judgment from onlookers and cause emotional damage to the patient. Disfigurements of the hands and body may affect the patient’s ability to perform certain tasks, but often do not have the degree of emotional impact that facial disfigurements do.

Emotional Impact

Disfigurement is often seen as a purely physical problem by insurance companies and courts, but the emotional effects are often much more devastating. Patients that have been disfigured in motorcycle accidents often acquire a poor self image that may severely alter behavior patterns and emotional state. Depending upon the patient’s job, employment may be lost due to the changes. Patients may have difficulty paying for surgeries to correct disfigurements, and insurance companies may deny claims on the basis that the treatments are for cosmetic purposes.

Social Reactions

Studies have shown that patients with disfigurements often face mistrust and intolerance. Patients may be heckled by strangers, and may face relationship difficulties with loved ones due to the visible differences. Patients often find that people avoid eye contact and become uncomfortable when disfigurements are clearly visible. These incidents of isolation may further impact patients’ emotional state.

Treatment for Disfigurement

The treatments necessary for disfigurements may vary depending on the area of the face or body that has been damaged. Plastic surgery and skin grafts are commonly used to restore skin that has been damaged. Patients may need pain management plans and medications to control pain that is a result of a motorcycle accident disfigurement. Patients may also require physical therapy to regain mobility in disfigured areas and emotional therapy to work through psychological trauma.

Disfigurement Lawyer Assistance

Disfigurement lawyers understand that the emotional effects of disfigurement can be even more devastating than the physical effects. Disfigurement lawyers will work hard to help patients recover costs associated with cosmetic surgeries and emotional counseling, as well as damages for pain and suffering. Disfigurement attorneys are experts at handling cases in which patients have been disfigured as a result of a motorcycle accident, and can provide patient with advice and assistance for successfully pursuing legal action against the person or company that caused the motorcycle accident.




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